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Project Hope 2023: Shahapur & Murbad

Shahapur – The stationery distribution in Shahapur Division was completed on 17th June. The representatives from Galaxy also were present during this event. One team distributed the stationery to schools from Katkarwadi Tembuli, Chandricha Pada, Dongarwadi, Dhadhare, Adivali, Payarwadi & Chariv . While the second group distributed materials to the children of Banachi Wadi, Mohawadi, Khokrichi Wadi, Bhaitarwadi. Children in these schools are very enthusiastic and studious. Everyone was delighted for their good progress in scholarship exams Murbad – The stationery distribution in Murbad Division was completed on 24th June. Two groups of volunteers of Fandry Foundation completed this task. One group completed the task in the schools of Shirosepada, Tembharewadi, Sakhre and Khutarwadi from Saralgaon area. The second group distributed stationery in the schools of Songaon, Belpada, Behryachiwadi, Vaghanchiwadi, Madhwadi as well as Chinchwadi, Deoghar and Madh in Dhasai area. School children greeted the volunteers by chanting Vande Mataram. They also sang songs and performed dances. The teachers expressed their gratitude for distributing the Sulekha slates.