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Join hands for empowering tribal areas of Maharashtra. Fandry Foundation which was founded in 2012, working towards education, health and empowerment of tribal areas of Maharashtra.

Partner with us to empower tribal areas of Maharashtra

We aim at creating empowerment instead of dependency on the donation. Our team focuses on the root cause of fundamental issues – such as non-functioning schools, child labour, unemployed parents, non-operational healthcare centres and so on that keep remote inhabitants away from their rights – and in finding solutions to these, we ensure that the change we bring is proceeding towards permanency.

We manage and monitor our projects persistently to ensure the most efficient utilisation of funds. Projects are also regularly assessed by skilled volunteers to measure progress against plans. Regular follow-ups with Tribal school teachers, Sarpanch and other notable tehsildars help us gauge progress.

We believe in 100 transparency about our financials. We have maintained our Annual Reports and same are available on request.

Also, we encourage our partners to join us during the visits to the tribal areas for a ground reality check and subliming the core essence of our objectives of EDUCATION, HEALTH and SELF-EMPLOYMENT.

Ways to Partner with Fandry Foundation

  • Fund our projects.
  • Donate the requirements of our projects.
  • Fund transportation required during execution of our projects.
  • Promote support for Fandry Foundation during occasions or festivals at home or at respective place of celebration.
  • Fund for the recreational activities designed for senior citizens.

You are welcomed to get it touch with us directly in case you would personally like to discuss about we can together make a difference.

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