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Project Hope 2019: Ratnagiri

Sixth and very last phase of Project Hope 2019 was successfully completed in Konkan region on 21st, 22nd & 23rd June , with collaboration of Mumbai and Ratnagiri Fandry team.
Morning of 21st June began at Mandangad , with Konkan’s spectacular scenery around, giving additional energy to Mumbai team. Stationery was given to 2 schools from Mandangad. Enthusiastic school children welcomed our volunteers with their poems and songs. They are lucky to have highly motivated and dedicated teachers to teach them and make them smart bright students.
Later in the afternoon visit to Snehjyoti School for Blind , turned out to be a memorable and emotional for the team. These children are really sharp and smart. How to overcome problems and live life positively and happily was definitely something to learn from these children.
On the same day, 21st June , Ratnagiri team visited Devkharki residential school and distributed stationery to around 50 students of 8th, 9th & 10th standard. Majorly children from Kharvi community, from surrounding villages stay in this school to complete their secondary education. Kharvi community does fishing business mainly, so they are away from the home maximum time of the day. But their children are eager to take education hence we help them for last 4 years consecutively.
On 22nd June , Stationery was given to around 280 students from Nandgaon, Yegaon and Khushiwade zp schools, in Chiplun district .
On 23rd June , Team went to Sangmeshwar district and distributed stationery to students from Devrukh Hativ, Gothane Punarwasan zp schools . We also did tree planting in surrounding school area. There is still lack of basic needs in these are relocated due to Sahadryi Vyaghra Prakalpa Confident speech in front of all, fluent language, singing and dancing with expressions is proof that these children are slowly becoming smart, sharp and extrovert with help of teachers and our volunteers. That clearly gives our volunteers a big satisfaction, motivation and energy to continue our work.
Our Ratnagiri team will soon distribute stationery to Kolkewadi and Nirbade zp schools near Chiplun.
Our Konkan event concluded with visit to Gokul women’s hostel, Matrumandir. Volunteers interacted with these single women and spent some good time.